Selection of Electrical Wires for Decoration

Selection of Electrical Wires for Decoration

Decoration electrical wire selection tips: The lighting line should be 1 mm2 to 1.5 mm2, the socket line should be 2.5 mm2 wire price millimeter, the air conditioning line should not be less than 4 mm2 the suggestion is 4 mm2 or above. The grounding line is yellow-green two-color line, and the switching line is selected from red, yellow, blue, green, and black.
Some common problems with household cables:
1. The length of the wire is 100 meters, the positive and negative error is 2-3 meters;
2. Wire type: BV single-strand wire, BVR multi-strand wire, BVV double-glue single-strand wire, BVVR double-rubber multi-strand wire;
3. Common specifications of wire: 1 mm2 / 1.5 mm2 / 2.5 mm2 / 4 mm2 / 6 mm2 / 10 mm2, etc.;
4.BV/BVR difference: BV wire is single strand, BVR wire is multi-strand, BVR wire is about 5% more expensive than BV;
5.The advantages of BVR wire than BV wire:

1 )The construction of hydroelectric cable is more convenient.

2) It is not easy to break the wire when the plate is bent;

3) The copper wire is more flexible.

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