Problems of Quality Management in the Daily Production of Steel Core Aluminum Strand Wire

Problems of Quality Management in the Daily Production of Steel Core Aluminum Strand  Wire

Steel Core Aluminum Strand  Wire

All enterprises have different levels of inspection and acceptance systems for raw materials. Some factories not only have the original and auxiliary materials acceptance system, but also have established purchasing, storage, distribution, consumption and other systems, and the content is complete, the regulations are reasonable, and some factories strictly control the incoming wire rods.

In addition to testing the five elements, it also tests tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, reduction in area, and metallographic structure. For excipients, most companies can carry out concentration tests for various acids, and some also send out inspections or self-test zinc ingots. Some enterprises' raw and auxiliary materials can be classified stacked, the wire rods are stacked according to the steel number and the factory, and some can be stacked according to the furnace number. However, some enterprises have no specific regulations on the inspection items and quantity of raw materials and auxiliary materials in the inspection and acceptance system. Although some enterprises have clear regulations on the inspection items and quantities, the number of projects and quantities is too small to provide reliable process parameters for production. If there are some enterprises each batch of wire rod inspection only one sample,some companies only test the wire rod for carbon content. Most enterprises can only accept the main auxiliary materials such as zinc ingots and ingots according to the warranty.

Most enterprises have a relatively complete system of equipment management, maintenance and maintenance, and basically implement weekly inspection, patrol inspection, hand over item by item and spot check and sampling inspection of equipment. However, some enterprise equipment integrity rate assessment standards are very general, a variety of equipment according to the same standard assessment.

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