Opinions on Improving the Production Quality of Steel Core Aluminium Strand Wire

Opinions on Improving the Production Quality of Steel Core Aluminium Strand Wire

Steel Core Aluminium Strand Wire

Increase the winding diameter of the winding machine

At present, the winding machine of each factory is horizontal, the reel is quasi 550 mm, it is very difficult to obtain the heavy wire disc of the large diameter (more than 3.5mm) steel wire. A simple improvement is to design a wire take-up machine that uses a 700mm roll. It is also possible to use an Inverted winding machine or a large I-wheel winding machine.

Improve product testing equipment

At present, most of the extensometers used by various factories are domestically produced equipment of the same model. The extensometer is more complicated to operate and is prone to operational accidents, so the accuracy is reduced after a period of use and should be perfected. Focusing on improving the physical quality of products, with reference to GB(T)10300 quality management and quality assurance series standards, improve the quality system of enterprises, pay close attention to the implementation of various rules and regulations, and ensure the quality of products.

The packing of all steel core aluminum strands should meet the requirements of new standards or industry recommendation standards, and should provide strong steel and wood structural discs with reinforced steel frames, with good protection against shock, rust, theft, and so on, wood products should have a phytosanitary certificate and other relevant certificates.

The reel should make the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire free from all damage during transportation, storage, loading and unloading and on-site pay-off operation, otherwise it will bear the responsibility of stranded wire damage, loss and economic loss.

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